How long do patients typically stay at KLE Ayurveda Hospital?

The length of your stay will depend on the type of treatment doctor suggest, which will be determined based on your initial screening and recommendations for your medical care.

In general, treatments would be for 7 days however it could take longer depending upon many factors.  We have well furnished rooms for stay within the campus with the basic facilities such as medicated food, indoor sports, books, internet etc.

If hospitalization is required, patients can choose between a general ward, semi-private ward, a private room or a personal suite. Requests for a stay are usually handled at the time of admission. If you’d like more information about personal suites, please contact us directly.

Can I be treated from another specialist in the same visit?

KLE Ayurveda Hospital has many specialties and will do everything possible so that patients can see the specialists they need for their complete medical care. However, few appointments may be delayed with short notice.

What documents should be brought during the appointment?

  • A list of your current medications, and the dosage for each. You can also bring vials or containers with you to your first appointment.
  • If requested, any medical information and radiology images (including written radiology reports) that your local doctor has given you.
  • Any forms you have been asked to provide.
  • Insurance cards, photo ID and claims filing information.
  • Name, address and phone number of the referring physician if applicable.
  • Information about your medical insurance, if you have private insurance.
  • Your KLE Ayurveda Hospital registration number, if you were issued one during a previous visit.


Note: Please leave your valuables at home. The Hospital cannot be responsible for belongings or valuables you keep with you.