Fellowship course in Ayurveda Oncology & Cardiology.

Fellowship course in Ayurveda Oncology
Fellowship course in Ayurveda Cardiology.

WHO says that Non-communicable diseases are responsible for more than 71% of all deaths globally. Cancer and cardio-vascular tops the list, where the conventional medical science comes with advanced therapies but still WHO advocates prevention of these diseases holds the major key. Ayurveda with its strong principles for healthy lifestyle can play a major role.

Our institute has anticipated these measures and began to develop human resources and cater these groups of people by Speciality practice of Ayurveda in oncology and cardiac rehabilitation with regular cancer and cardiac check-up camps. At same time institute has started to elevate the Ayurveda application by starting Fellowship course in Ayurveda Oncology (FCAO) and Fellowship course in Ayurveda Cardiology (FCAC) to train post graduates of Ayurveda intensively for two years and one year respectively.

Scholars will be provided academic deliberation with maximum clinical exposure to enhance acumen at various conventional medical speciality centres. Institute has collaboration with many renowned Ayurveda Vaidyas like Dr Yogesh Bendale, Dr S N Ojha and Ayurveda speciality centres like Rasayu Cancer Clinic, Pune and few in Kerala etc.
In short interval of nearly two years since 2016-17, an encouraging response has been infused in speciality practice for cancer and cardiac diseases which is able to gain attention of different types of patients. Cases of Oral and Breast cancer have reported more in number, following to these lymphomas, Gastro-intestinal cancers etc were noted similarly in cardiac disorders old MI coronary herat disease , Cardiomyopathy, Valvular heart disease, Ischemic Heart Disease etc,

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