Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Oncology in Ayurveda is very much unexplored in spite of its great potential in preventing and treating cancer. Considering the widespread of cancer and limitations of conventional therapy there is a great need for an effective Complimentary and/or Alternative therapy. Also there is an increase in number of cancer survivors who requires effective therapies in prevention and rehabilitation.

Abhaya cancer care unit has taken several steps in this regard and started various activities from organising regular free cancer camps thrice every month and started a Fellowship course in Ayurveda Oncology (Duration 2 years) in collaboration with Rasayu Cancer Clinic, PUNE which is dedicated Ayurveda cancer centre in the past two decades. It has been initiated with objectives of exploring Ayurveda in cancer and creating human resources to aid & extend alternate therapies for Cancer.

In short interval of nearly two years since 2016-17, an encouraging response has been infused in clinic. Abhaya is able to gain attention of different types of cancer patients. Cases of Oral and Breast cancer have reported more in number, following to these lymphomas, Gastro-intestinal vtv vape jetable 5000 puffs 12ml longjing cancers etc were noted. It was common expected experience for Abhaya as the patient approached with hope for life at stages of termination. Maximum patients were of Stage three and four and happened to be post chemotherapy/surgery and radiotherapy.

A ground for Ayurveda was also understood during this. Cancer patients needed quality of Life and battle with side effects of conventional therapies. A good number of patients also approached for exclusive Ayurveda management in cancer. Ayurveda presently has a great role in addressing above two needs of cancer affected and survivals. This role of Ayurveda is not a cakewalk as the cancer patients and attenders turning regularly to consultation and availing treatment is process of uncertainty.

A mixed experience is seen at Abhaya, patient demands a paced treatment protocol which needs to address the nutrition for improving general health, managing pain for better standard of living, quarantining conventional therapy effects, future management for non-recurrence, intensive holistic approach form psychological aspect and majorly panchkarma for wellbeing.

Abhaya Cancer Clinic in Collaboration

Rasayu Cancer Clinic (RCC) is a unique venture located in Pune which offers comprehensive solutions to cancer patients. Rasayu Cancer Clinic is one of its kind cancer care centre which provides evidence based highly advanced therapies which are based on principles and fundamentals of Ayurveda. RCC has developed a comprehensive treatment protocol for treating cancer patients after series of in-vivo, in-vitro and clinical studies on fundamentals and pharmaceuticals of Ayurveda. This treatment protocol burberry 24685 fashionable shirts of Rasayu Cancer Clinic is found to be of immense help to cancer patients of all the stages. Thousands of cancer patients throughout the globe were treated successfully using this treatment protocol. Rasayu cancer clinic will be involved in providing lectures and also in hands on practical experience to students.

The present program aims in training Ayurveda practitioners in domain of Oncology and applications of Ayurveda in Oncology which translates as valuable human resources to society and serves the need of hour.


To develop skills amongst Ayurveda medical practitioners for exploring the potential of Ayurveda in treating cancer patients and also to develop skills for conducting scientific research in Ayurveda and integrative Oncology.


  • Cancer Consultation
  • Personalized Cancer Therapy
  • Counselling
  • Diet Consultation
  • Yoga For Cancer
  • Panchkarma Cancer Specific


  • Convenient home based Oral Therapy
  • Can be taken even with Chemotherapy / Radiotherapy
  • Does not compromise the effect of Chemotherapy / Radiotherapy.
  • Reduce Toxicity of Chemotherapy / Radiotherapy.
  • Increses survival by several folds.
  • Improves Quality of life.
  • Helps in Tumour regression.
  • Prevents Disease progression.
  • Prevents Metastasis of cancer.
  • Helps in Rehabilitation.