1. Food- All in house patients are provided daily with healthy, nutritious and hygienic vegetarian food. Each patient’s diet is planned personally according to his/her Prakruti analysis done by the experts.
  2. Accommodation- We offer different types of rooms to our patients depending on their needs and comfort zones. There are general wards with common bathrooms, semi private wards, special surgery ward for pre and post-surgical management and wound care, paediatric ward, special rooms and lavishly designed deluxe rooms with exclusive panchakarma setup attached to it.
  3. Yoga- Every morning sharp at 6:30 am there is a Yoga session conducted by our institute’s yoga instructor and this service is open for all patients and the general public as well. The Tailor Made Therapeutic Yoga session is specially designed for patients replica rolex daytona diw mens mingzhu engine colorful dial black tone in store who need additional guidance with regards to performing techniques or suitability of the Yogasanas depending on their disease condition. All our patients can avail free consultation from our Yoga expertise during their course of hospital stay.
  4. Lab- Our hospital is well equipped with a GLP certified laboratory and it is open throughout the week from 8am- 6pm.
  5. Pharmacy- We deliver authentic medicines to our patients which are manufactured at our very own KLE Ayurvdea Pharmacy which is a promising unit since the year 1938. Jeevanashaili- a reform in the food industry is a by product of KLE Ayurveda Pharmacy. Our products are acknowledged across the nation and we have received many accolades for the same. All our products undergo thorough lab testing at AYUSH Certified CRF Laboratory before being marketed thus ensuring best quality and efficacy. Recently we have also started with digital marketing of our products through amazon, etc.
  6. In-house medicine- Freshly prepared kashayas/ decoctions, ksheerapakas/milk enhanced formulations, health drinks fortified with nutraceutical, herbal juices, herbal tea etc are supplied to our patients throughout the day depending on their health status or disease condition.
  7. Gym- For those people who are fitness addicts can look up to our gym facility where in we have all the equipments like trade mill, exercise bike, etc needed to keep your body strong and healthy.