Department of Shalakyatantra

Shalakyatantra speciality deals with diagnosis and management of diseases that occurs above the clavicle. Viz. Diseases of eyes, ears, nose, throat, head and neck. This speciality deals with narrow, sensitive and delicate parts of body, it requires various specialized instruments for diagnosis and treatment. Hence, the term Shalaki is used for the specialists of Shalakyatantra.



  • To attain perfection in evaluation of Shalakyatantra diseases on classical and modern diagnostic aids, so as to facilitate utmost care to the patients.
  • To develop understanding of research methodology, to conduct research based on modern scientific investigative tools.


The Department of Shalakyatantra intends at bringing about confluence in achieving academic excellence and promoting development of scientific temper for researches in Shalakyatantra Ophthalmogy, ENT and Oro-dental specialty.


  • To develop ability of applying evidence based principles of medicine.
  • To develop the communication skills.
  • To develop the ability to practice the principles of primary health care.
  • To recognize the need of lifelong learning, to stay abreast of relevant scientific advances.
  • To inculcate thirst for learning so that students develop in-depth knowledge.
  • To help the learner to use the knowledge for clinical application in day to day practice.

This branch works under 3 major categories viz. Ophthalmology, ENT & Oro-Dental sciences. We have developed the concept of speciality practices and taken up the task of individual OPD with specialised consultants for Ophthalmology, ENT & Oro-dental sciences.

Department has come up with innovative practices like establishment of specialised hi-tech therapy units (viz. Chakshushya & Kankayana) for the treatment of various eye, ENT & oro-dental diseases. A set of eye exercises kept in functioning as per the requirement of diseases and patients. These units work on standard operative procedures (SOP’s) for conducting each and every therapy. Department has separate special hi-tech Operation theater for EYE & ENT sections conducting various surgical procedures on regular basis with affordable cost for needy.

  • Opthalmology department (Netra Vibhaga)has come up with the successful treatment for Refractive Errors, Allergic conjunctivitis, Dry Eye, Corneal Opacity, Ulcers, Amblyopia, various forms of Vitreo-retinal diseases, etc.
  • ENT department (Anya Urdhwajatrugata Roga Vibhaga)has come up with the successful treatment of Allergic Rhinitis, Tonsillitis, various types of Headaches, Discharging ears, hearing problems, various scalp problems, etc.
  • Oro-dental department (Mukha & Danta Vibhaga)has come up with the successful treatment of Recurrent stomatitis, Oral sub-mucosal fibrosis, Halitosis and various dental diseases.
  • Advanced Equipment for Ophthalmology and ENT Diagnosis- Both Eye and ENT OPD are well equipped with advanced diagnostic instruments like an Autorefractometer, Lensometer, Slit Lamp, Tonometry, Perimetry, Direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy, Audiometry, Endoscopy, etc. All of these are made available at a very reasonable rate there by facilitating early diagnosis and timely management of all patients
  • Social Activities
  • Ophthalmology department (Netra Vibhaga) part takes in various activities like conducting free eye check-up camps for drivers on the eve of Road safety week, during summer vacation free eye check-up camp for computer operators and school going children, conducting free glaucoma check-up camp on world glaucoma day, conducting a rally for creating awareness about the eye donation, conducts guest lectures on various topics.
  • ENT department (Anya Urdhwajatrugata Roga Vibhaga)part takes in various activities like conducting free ENT check-up camps during seasonal and most common diseases, conducts guest lectures and awareness talks on the eve of deaf and dumb day, etc.

Apart from these radio talks, live phone in programmed from All India Radio station, Dharwad were conducted for the benefit of common public. Recorded and live phone in programme in AYUSH TV was also done.