Panchakarma is an unique and specialized branch of Ayurveda which aim in bringing normalcy in the body by eliminating the toxins and bringing about bio purification.

As the name indicates it consists five major purificatory therapies namely Vamana ( medicine induced emesis), Virechana ( Medicine induced purgation), NiruhanBasti ( therapeutic enema), Nasya ( Therapeutic nasal drug administration), Anuvasana ( Therapeutic fat enema).These are personalized and meticulously designed according to the constitution, disease state of an individual.











Panchakarma  In KLE Ayurveda has four therapy units under the department with  innovative equipments – though advanced, execute the treatments with classical principle, relevant infrastructure, to cope up the needs of therapies and patients. The therapies are standardized   and methodical, with  which we are serving the society scientifically with successful outcomes in the management of different diseases as well as to endorse health for seekers of healthy living.






Health care facilities / services:

1.Preventive courses: Therapeutic intervention to optimize positive health by addressing various determinants of health even before a health issue has been identified. The goal of which is to improve general health of the population by several therapeutic procedures including seasonal detoxification and various rejuvenating procedures.

2.Health Promotive therapies: Therapeutic health promotion aims at encouraging and improvising protective        factors in terms of therapeutic procedures emphasizing  to reduce various risk factors such as stress, occupation, age  and genetic susceptibility which can lead to development of various health issues.

3.Curative courses : Patient and disease specific treatment protocols with the objective of curing the disease of either origin viz body and mind by bringing about bio purification or by pacification with the help of distinct tailor made therapeutic procedures.