Ayurveda ‘cosmetology’ is a boon for those who are fed-up of using chemical cosmetics with temporary results and adverse reactions. To meet your skin and hair needs, we have Priyangu which handles beauty treatments using ayurvedic formulations.

The therapies are mainly based on understanding the unique human constitution ( prakruti) according to Ayurveda –(Vata, Pitta ,Kapha) and different skin types and accordingly includes various procedures and suitable herbal medicines .


  • To overcome burning issues of the present life ,related to hair and skin.
  • Awareness about the herbal formulations related to cosmetology
  • Skin its layers and its various disorders and management
  • To overcome hair related problems
  • Awareness about food what we intake and its effects on skin or hair .
  • To rejuvnate and detoxify the body .
  • To control the ageing effects.


  • Skin analysis
  • Hair analysis
  • Relaxing Head Massage
  • Scalp Treatment
  • Dry Pack / Wet pack
  • Dandruff Treatment
  • Hairfall Treatment
  • Wrinkle Treatment
  • Pimple Treatment
  • Dry Skin Treatment
  • De-Tan Treatment
  • Dark Circle Treatment
  • Pre Mature Greying Treatment


  • Public awareness programs
  • Free checkup camps

The natural contents in herbal cosmetics are purely made of herbs and shrubs  and have very minimal or almost no any side effects on human skin and enriches the skin and hair with nutrients .

Priyangu brings back all the beauty secrets and formulations mentioned in samhitas to rejuvenate , detoxify and regain your true self and emits a natural glow .


  • Dr. Asha