Casualty OPD (Atyayak chikitsa)

Casualty OPD (Atyayak chikitsa) is the special unit of the hospital which provides the emergency treatment round the clock for various health conditions. The unit is headed by modern medical consultant, who will provide emergency services using allopathy drugs as per the hospital norms. Ayurveda consultants along with PG scholars are also posted in the unit who will provide Ayurveda treatment in specific conditions. The unit is equipped with ECG machine, Pulse oximeter, Oxygen cylinder, Suction machine, Suturing kit, emergency drugs and IV fluids. The unit is working constantly since many years and providing emergency treatment for the needy people.


  1. Dr.Pradeep S.Shindhe
  2. Dr.Laxmikant S D
  3. Dr Santosh Y
  4. Dr .Manjula Madiwalar
  5. Dr .Ramesh k