Department of Shalyatantra


Shalyatantra is one of distinct branch of Ayurveda which explains and demonstrates surgical knowledge and procedures that were performed and used since thousands of years and are useful even today. The distinctiveness of this department is the clinical skill lab, Pain management clinic, Sports medicine ,Anorectal speciality  and well equipped OT, which provides hands on training to UG 's and PG 's in various aspects and quality care for patients.


Department provides in-depth understanding of the principles of modern surgery and it has made significant contributions in the fields of Wound (Dustavrana) Management,  Ano-Rectal Diseases, Pain management, Sports medicine and Fracture management.

Wound (Dustavrana) Management- In spite of the advances that have been made, the management of chronic wounds is still a challenge for the clinician and surgeons. Shashthi Upakramas (sixty measures) for Vrana management is the unique contribution of Achayra Sushruta and are followed at our hospital and treated many needy patients, apart from this various researches are being carried out. Chronic wound management  protocols are developed and implemented for effective wound care.


Pain management clinic – It stands unique in its kind, an integrated approach to conquer   the pain (acute and chronic) was the main aim of this unit. This facility was started in the year 2016 by integrating departments like Panchakarma, kayachikitsa, Yoga and physiotherapy. Referred patients for pain management from OPD’s and IPD of different units are assessed for the cause and Dosha involvement later various treatment modalities like Agnikarma, Raktamokshana (siravyadha, Cupping therapy, Jalouka charan etc) are adopted. The pain reduction with different treatment modalities has benefitted many patients and the Ministry of AYUSH in 2017 has stressed upon this alarming topic and professed its theme as Pain management through Ayurveda for the year on second national Ayurveda day. To practice evidence based treatment, integrated protocols and PG dissertation works have been implemented in the recent years


Ano-Rectal Diseases – Unit is providing best and effective treatment with special kshara karma, ksharasutra and Agnikarma procedures to patients suffering  from Anorectal diseases like piles,fistula-in-ano ,fissure –in –ano. Regular free camps are being conducted to promote the practices of Ksharasutra and other treatment modalities. Hands on training is provided to PG’s in preparation of Kshar sutra and its application.


Sports medicine - Sports medicine is a new horizon for Ayurveda practitioner with innovative development of health practices. The unit aims to render best health service in sports and traumatic injury, practice marma chikitsa and bone reduction techniques, treating efficiently chronic bone and joint injuries with Ayurveda specialty medicines and procedures. The unit has adapted unique professional practices to meet the changing demands of health care systems pertaining to sports. The injuries are effectively managed by integration of various departments like physiotherapy, Panchakarma, Yoga etc. Regular Orientation programmes/ Demonstartion of various Ayurveda procedures for schools and different professional colleges are conducted to provide awareness and promote the inherent quality of Ayurveda management in sports. Future programmes are planned to provide Evidence based practice and validate the principles of Bhagna management.