Department of Kayachikitsa – Urology OPD

Urology in ayurveda is a new panorama for ayurvedic practitioners to through light on urinary disorders as a specialty branch to explore novel expansion of health practices. Urology deals with urinary tract disease in men and women. Aim of OPD is to offer better outcome to patients seeking ayurvedic treatment for urology disorders and create health awareness on it. And to propose services in diseases such as kidney stones/ ureteric / bladder stones in which reoccurrence chances is more (almost 50% of stone formers will have a recurrence within 10 years) UTI (Urinary Ttract Infection) or Persistent/recurrent UTI, cystitis, urethral strictures, Chronic kidney disease (CKD) with Ayurveda specialty medicines and procedures.


  • To develop disease management protocol on kidney care / Urology disorders
  • To encourage ethical practices
  • To expand evidence based urology practices
  • To prepare Ayurveda physicians/specialist on clinical skills of global standards in Urology.
  • To generate public awareness on Ayurveda and urology disorders.


Urology OPD commenced in November 2017 since then it is providing treatment for dysuria, burning micturition, increased frequency, UTI (Urinary Ttract Infection) or Persistent/recurrent UTI, cystitis, stricture urethra, CKD with integration of Ayurveda (Panchakarma, Yoga) and preventive measures. The Unit is affectionate to provide care adhering to the basic ideology of Ayurveda with utilization of modern tools to facilitate diagnosis.

Health care facilities/services:

  1. Urinary tract Infection (Mutra Kricchra)
  2. Recurrent UTI
  3. Dysuria
  4. Burning Micturation
  5. Increased frequency of urination
  6. Cystitis
  7. Proteinuria
  8. Renal stones (Mutrashmari)
  9. Chronic Kidney Disease (Mutraghata)

Social Activities:

  • Public orientation programs
  • Free health check-up camps

We supervise the patients with integration of Ayurveda therapeutic measures based on the different condition of urinary disorders. Ayurveda treatment measures including Ayurvedic Medications (Herbal, Herbomineral preparations) possessing Mutravirechaneeya, Ashmari hara, basti shodhana, special Panchakarma Procedure like uttara basti, Satwawajaya chikitsa (counselling), Pathyapathya (Diet), Yoga and Meditation with use of rasayana dravya’s (rejuvenating medications) to prevent reoccurrence of stones/recurrent UTI.


Dr.Uma Shetti

Visiting consultant:

Dr.Shrinivas Patil