Nirvisha Means  “To detoxify or To destroy the effect of visha(toxins).”

Nirivisha OPD is under the department of Agadatantra(Forensic science and Toxicology). It is one among the 8 main branches of Ayurveda.


The present era of life, people are having sedentary life and one are the other way each and every persons are exposing to the chemicals, pollutants, pesticides, insecticides, preservatives, intake of incompatible foods and many more toxins knowingly or unknowingly, due to which the prevalence of skin diseases are increasing.




We are treating all the varieties of skin diseases and skin manifesting due to above said causes successfully in Nirvisha OPD, also we are dealing with

  • Contact poisoning like metallic allergy, cosmetic allergy, foot ware allergy etc.,
  • Solar dermatitis
  • Skin disease due to chemotherapy
  • Pigmentation disorders
  • Drug induced skin diseases
  • Occupational skin diseases
  • Post snake bite complications
  • Different varieties of insect bites
  • Auto-immune skin disorders
  • Hair loss etc.,



By following the vishagna line of treatment with Agada’s(antidotes/anti-toxic drugs), other vishaghna dravya’s and along with skin diseases line of treatment, we are successfully treating and managing the skin conditions with very less re-currence rate.



  • Dr.Mahesh P Savalagimath MD(Ayu)
  • Dr.Mahadev B Gundakalle MD(Ayu)
  • Dr.Shrutika S Karoshi MD(Ayu)