Department of Vajikarana


Vajikarana, a unique super specialty branch of Ayurveda with an ultimate aim of Apathya Santanakara, that which improves the qualities of the seminal fluid and spermatozoa and rejuvenates the gonads and other reproductive organs required to achieve an ideal conception to maintain lineage; Avajim vajeenah, to enhance the sexual potency of an individual as that of a horse; Supraja, measures to obtain a healthy progeny. This specialty branch can be equated and understood under the following concepts:

  • Aphrodisiacs (sex medicine for management of Sexual Dysfunctions & Infertility),
  • Andrology (Reproductive hormones & seminal abnormalities),
  • Eugenics (aims to improve genetic quality of a human) and
  • Epigenetic (heritable phenotype changes without altering DNA sequence).


The Srishti Fertility Centre (Ayurveda Fertility Centre) The Fertility Centre is well furnished with Semenology laboratory with high-end equipment’s for semen analysis, cervical mucus study & post coital tests. Here the Tradition & Technology merged together for better understanding and result outcomes. Retopareeksha- Ayurvedic way of semen examination is performed in comparison with modern seminal parameters to assess count, motility, viability etc. Advanced sperm function tests like HOS & SMAI are also carried out to confirm morphological defects and motility.

With this available infrastructure the Centre has conducted various clinical trials of PG, PhD and industry sponsored for exploring classical principles of Vajikarana under the light of advanced reproductive technologies and diagnostics.

Health care facilities/ services:

  1. Healthy progeny (pre-conceptional measures)
  2. Management of Infertility: Reduced sperm count, motility and forms, Abnormal sperm functions, PCOS, Ovulatory dysfunction, Tubal, Uterine & Cervical abnormalities; hormonal, infectious and unexplained infertility, etc
  3. Sexual dysfunctions– Erectile dysfunction, Premature ejaculation, Diabetic ED, Dyspareunia, Vaginismus, Libido and Orgasmic disorders, etc
  4. Counselling – Couple/ Individual/ Pre marital/ Pre conceptional & Sex education
  5. Andrology diagnostics– Retopareeksha (Semen examination), Cervical mucus study, Sperm mucus interaction studies (in-vivo & in-vitro), Reproductive profile estimation.

We manage the patients with judicial usage of Vrushya/ Vajikarana drugs like Shukrajanaka (Spermatogenic), Pravartaka (Motility enhancer), Stambhaka (Prevent early ejaculation), Rechaka (Ejaculators) & Shoshaka (Reduce the volume & viscosity) and also with special treatment modalities like Uttarabasti (intra uterine & intra vesicular instillation of medicine) & Vrushyabasti. Before undergoing Assisted Reproductive Techniques like IVF and ICSI, the couple can seek such Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment to detoxify their body and enhance the reproductive health for effective outcome.

An adding feather to the cap of this branch was the successful conduction of National conference & workshop on “SAMPRAHARSHA-Quest for Pleasure & Progeny” held in 2016, which was witnessed by many eminent scholars all over India.

Social Activities:

  • Public orientation programs
  • Free health check-up camps
  • Reproductive health awareness talk
  • Sex education
  • Counselling sessions


  1. Dr.B S Prasad
  2. Dr.Swarda Uppin