Sootika Paricharya


Delivering a baby is an experience of a life time, resulting in an emotional, mental and physical exertion that draws no parallel
The first time a mother embraces her baby is a moment of immense happiness. As the care of newborn is essential, it is equally important to take care of new mothers like a newborn. Of course, the mother is also newly born in every sense. Her body strength as well as her mental strength should be taken as prior importance.

why is postnatal care important?

The first 42 days after birth lay the ground work for the mother and baby’s health for the next 42 years according to Ayurveda. The process of giving birth and transitioning from being pregnant to no longer pregnant is Vata Dosha aggravating. This means that the new mother and those who are taking care of her need to create an environment and diet that is as calming, warm, and nourishing as possible.
The mother needs special care after giving birth to regain the energy and strength. After pregnancy and delivery, she will change both physically and emotionally. Lots of worries and physical discomforts may affect during this postpartum period. The postpartum period is usually six to eight weeks from the day of your delivery. This period is considered highly sensitive and the post-partum care systems (Sutika Paricharya) as per the Ayurveda plays a great emphasis on encouraging fast healing, boosting immunity and improving the production of milk.

what can we offer?

KLE Ayurveda Hospital is designed to provide the mother and child a calm, peaceful, hygienic recovery space during this very stressful period. We have a 24/7 fully functioning labor room with a great team of qualified physicians who take care of the entire delivery process.
The Post Natal Care includes time and body specific ayurvedic diet, lifestyle modification and medication which are designed for speedy recovery of the mother
The diet chart provided includes various food preparations which are recommended as per Ayurveda
Various therapeutic procedures are offered such as
• Abhyanga (Oil Massage)
• Udaraveshtana (wrapping of cloth in a uniform manner)
• Parisheka (Medicated Bath)

We also provide medical kit to the mother and new born. It contains medicines that are Stanya Vardhaka (breast milk enhancers), Oja Vardhaka (immunity boosters) for the mother; Medhya (Brain tonic) and Suvarna Prashana for the new born babies.


• Helps to regain the muscle strength thereby reducing low back ache and brings body back to pre-pregnancy state.
• Improves digestion and metabolism, thereby promoting weight loss.
• Helps in proper and effective lactation & easy involution of the uterus.
• Reduces the pigmentation due to hormonal variation during the pregnancy thereby giving radiant glow to skin.