Medovaha Strotas disorders and obesity are dreadful disorder getting pandemic, threatening the society all over the globe. Unfortunately this dreadful disorder is the hands of non-professional people were different types of unscientific managements and therapies have popped up misleading the common man.

Ayurved since antiquity has mentioned and considered medovaha strotas and its diseases and precisely sthulata( Obesity) as a disease. Ayurved has a treasure-trove of scientific information, managements and treatments regarding medovahastrotas dusti and sthulata. It is a high need to address the issue with expertise from the stream of Ayurved to practice medovaastrotasvikar and obesity in a scientific manner.

Diseases like hyper cholesterolmia, hypertriglyceremia, hormonal disorders leading to medovaha strotas dushti and obesity are getting more and more prevalent. Looking towards the occurrence of these disorders it’s a demand of Ayurved expertise from the society, hence it’s a great need to give expertise consultation in the branch of medovaha strotas diseases through Ayurved management.

Sumeda  unit in collaboration with Jeevanrekha Obesity Solutions 

SUMEDA means SU (optimal/good) ‘medas’ emphasising maintenance of samadhatu avasta in specific to Medodhatu. As the specialty wing is aimed to address the issues of medoja disorders, it is named as SUMEDA.

Unit is working in collaboration with Dr.Sabnis’sjeevanrekha obesity specialty research hospital, Aurangabad, the well-known centre which is working in the area of obesity and hyperlipidimic disorders since last 22 years.

Jeevanrekha Obesity Solutions

The organization has developed highly scientific management which has a multi-dimensional approach. The organization is working for Obesity and hyperlipidimic disorders at a cellular level where pathology is targeted to manage these diseases.
Till date nearly 45000 plus obese people have undergone the management successfully, and the management is now getting practised all over India and abroad from nearly 85 centres. Organization has developed cloud based software for data management and analysis.
Organisation has also developed a drug development and standardization labs, Hormonal, bio chemistry and microbiology labs for the research purpose in Obesity exclusively  through  Ayurveda  management.


Treatment  Protocol

Sumeda unit managements looks for the world class treatment and supervision in the context of Obesity and hyper lipidimic disorders. As these disorders come under metabolic and hormonal ailments, we assure to serve the best of its class management which will be highly personalised and customised as per the need of an individual patient. Many operating tools will be used for the support of diagnosis and treatment which will prove helpful to the patient and society.


Apart from the laboratory work, SOP and following systemic protocols much attention will be given in counselling of the patient. As these disorders come under non communicable life style disorder it has been observed that ignorance and lack of knowledge on the patient’s side leads to delay in the results.


SUMEDA will look into proper patient education; counselling and awareness regarding Ayurved life style and food habits which will let the patients follow the regimes religiously and knowingly.


There will be no fixed protocol for line of treatment. It will vary according to the end diagnosis of the patients. The clinicians will be well trained for the diagnosis and treatment for treating the above disorders. Mostly the pattern of the treatment will be same which will include sesamol as strong anti oxidant, This treatment can elect results within a week period and further ongoing weight loss will achieved by giving formulations having

  • Insulin sensitizing activity
  • Anti inflammatory activity
  • Medicine working on Appetite control system
  • Gut flora regulating activity


Routinely the treatment consists of 6 days primary treatment consists of curcumin an alkaloid, low molecular weighted tannins, linolic acid and sesamol with diet restrictions. Then after herbal formulations are administered to achieve fat reduction of 2-4kgs/month.

The important aspect of this treatment is that patients are educated along with treatments about dietary programs, compensation of diet and exercise.


  • Treats obesity and its comorbidities.
  • Reflects positive effect on micro vascular disorders.
  • Satisfactory weight reduction in overweight conditions
  • Develops confidence in patients.
  • Convenient home based oral therapy
  • Reduces bad cholesterol level in the body
  • Improves quality of life
  • Prevents further possible complications
  • Improves endurance and strength


  • Lipid disorder consultation
  • Personalised weight management therapy
  • Lifestyle counselling
  • Diet consultation
  • Yoga intervention
  • Specific Panchakarma therapy

Instruments used for study

  • Biochemistry analyser Erba bio chem. – 5 9Transasia
  • Eliza reader (Lilac make)
  • Fat monitor standard weigh scales
  • Measuring tape
  • Chemiluminosence ( Radio immune assay) Monobind USA