The Department of Swasthavritta and Yoga is a multidisciplinary department with a focus on personalized preventive and promotive health care, Diet medicine, research on priority health problems, to develop doctors with a service orientation to various needs of community.

Personalized Preventive and Promotive health

Prevention is aimed to adopt Ayurveda lifestyle guidelines through which individuals with risk factors for manifestation of diseases. Ayurveda emphases preventive measures particularly than the treatment aspects.

Health promotion through Ayurveda aimed at enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health by adopting promotive measures and it moves beyond a focus on individual behaviour towards a wide range of social and environmental interventions..

Educating, equipping and empowering individuals with information and resources rolex day date fake vs real they need to protect their health has been one of the priority areas of the department.

The department runs Lifestyle Out Patient Department, Pathyahara Unit, Yoga and Naturopathy Clinics. The lifestyle consultation is based on a highly individualized, natural constitution of a person called as Prakriti. The Prakriti analysis gives a deeper insight to design a diet and lifestyle pattern of an individual to outline the disease tendencies of different constitutions so that a preventive and promotive lifestyle may be observed with different constitutions.

It focuses on preventive and promotive health care through appropriate diet and lifestyle modification on the basis of research driven protocol.

Swasthya Rakshana OPD: A daily consultation unit for all health aspirants by well qualified and experienced health consultants after analysing Prakruti (genetic constitution), advise diet, Therapeutic Yoga and lifestyle advices.

Diet Section: The department runs Pathyahara Unit catering the needs of personalized therapeutic diet to the inpatients of the Hospital. It is one of its kind, a kitchen that plays a major role to the hospital and it's patients. Hygiene and discipline are major codes of conduct followed by the department. In the department, Dietary assessment of individual patient is undertaken and diet is decided based on compatability/suitability . Patya provides customised food and diet plan to individual patient based on the diagnosis.  Santarpaka and apatarpak forms of dietary patterns are also prepared. Various Kwatha, Ksheera, Hima , Phanta, Mudga , Vilepi etc preparations are freshly made and supplied bed size.

Yoga section: The Yoga Clinic’s focus is ‘physical and emotional well-being and self- awareness’. The Yoga Clinic offers a space for different styles of yoga to suit everyone and offers a range of therapy services for different diseases.

It also caters the health needs of the referred cases from other department to provide supportive Therapeutic Yoga. The regular Yoga sessions are conducted from the yoga expertise for general health aspirant public.

Preventive yoga is advised to apparently healthy people as per their occupation, Prakruti and therapeutic yoga is aimed to cure aliment as a supportive treatment to Ayurveda line of management.

It also joins hand to hands with Garbha samskara and Dept of manasaroga in therapeutic aspects as a supportive therapy.




Health care services

Wellness consultation: Scientific blending of Panchakarma, Yoga and meditation, exercise, Nature cure therapies and healthy organic classical cuisine to bring wellness.

Rejuvenation therapy: Unique treatments strengthen the immune system, tunes the body organs, mind, breath, skin, nerves, purifies the blood, rejuvenates and strengthens tissues to achieve optimal health and longevity.

Seasonal prophylaxis: Predominant doshas in the body aggravates during the seasons it governs, so it is essential for seasonal clearing the system to prevent possible seasonal diseases. Hence measures will be undertaken to prevent possible seasonal disorders.

Occupational health consultation: professional consultation for  individualised approach based on their occupation to help and prevent possible occupation hazards and diseases. This unit has been serving since 15 years and has helped thousands of clients in overcoming their health challenges.

Metabolic disorders solutions: an amalgamation of who discovered ursa major personalised Ayurveda therapy along with exercises, diet, Yoga and meditation.

Detoxification therapies: to prevent the upcoming aliments, specific detoxification therapies to manage lifestyle disorders.

Schemes and packages

Swasthya Rakshana Scheme: inherent holistic approach of food, lifestyle and rejuvenation approach of Ayurveda, is every right reserved for everyone and to facilitate that KLE Ayurworld (tradition, technology and innovation) has come with Swasthya Rakshana scheme. We provide Prakruti pariksha ( assessment of body constitution) to Aharavihara advices (Lifestyle modifications) to ensure health for all as stated by WHO.

Health promotion packages: platinum, gold and silver health cards depends on number of sessions of treatments from expert doctors.

Inter departmental collaboration

Patients from various departments will get the dietetic and lifestyle modification consultation at Swastha Rakshana OPD wing.

Jeevanrekha medovaha srotus disorder solutions specialty clinic: The scientific   approach as per Ayurveda in managing disorders of Medovah srotos and preventing complications by unique tailor-made  treatment modalities.

Physiotherapy unit:: Highly skilled training about exercises by expertise with the provision of advanced instruments. Therapeutic application of aerobic and anaerobic exercises as a supportive treatment along with Ayurved classical line of treatment.